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The 3 Best Coronavirus Stocks to Buy for Long-Term Investors The Motley Fool

Citigroup reported a profit of $3.55 billion, up a modest 2% from a year earlier, or $1.63 a share. The bank is currently going through a restructuring and winding down some less profitable parts of the financial conglomerate’s business, which impacted the bank’s profits this quarter. Teladoc (TDOC -0.16%) provides telehealth services that allow doctors to offer medical consultations via videoconferencing apps on patients’ computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Its customers include 53% of the Fortune 500, more than 800 retailers, over 320 financial services firms, at least 225 game publishers, over 225 broadcast and pay TV networks, and 50-plus social media providers. But the performance of AKAM shares – up 19% year-to-date – has put it on a first-name basis with many investors in the know. While many so-called coronavirus stocks might have reached the end of their COVID-related bump, these picks still look attractive well beyond 2020. But Teladoc’s long-term prospects appear to be bright regardless of what happens with COVID-19. Its virtual care solutions are cost-effective for payers and convenient for patients. Even as others jump into the telehealth market, Teladoc remains the clear leader.

Invest Smarter with The Motley Fool

Those are good businesses, but Oracle is already a massive, mature player, and it’s facing competition from new cloud upstarts. Meanwhile, the cloud infrastructure segment, where Oracle hopes to challenge the big infrastructure-as-a-service players in the AI age, grew an impressive 64% in constant currency. However, that also decelerated, though mildly, from the prior quarter’s 77% growth. And infrastructure only made up around 12% of Oracle’s total revenue base.

Besides, a shift to online shopping and food delivery services meant cash couldn’t be used for most transactions anyway. We saw a spike in the use of telehealth services during the initial COVID-19 waves in 2020. The trend lit a fire beneath Teladoc Health’s (TDOC -0.16%) shares.

Post-Pandemic Stocks To Add to Your Portfolio

However, the omicron variant didn’t appear to be as severe in South Africa compared to earlier coronavirus variants. If this is also the case in the U.S. and other major markets for Abbott, the company might have only minimal negative repercussions but plenty of positive upside potential for its COVID-19 tests. The Standard & Poor’s 500 (stocks of the 500 largest U.S. companies) has risen about 36% since its March low, though it’s down about 6% this year. In challenging times like these, the topic of investing wisely can seem somewhat unimportant.

For stocks, the effects of rising rates are more complicated. Beyond that, corporate costs have risen with higher interest rates, slightly impairing corporate earnings in the third quarter. Performance reports for the three months that ended in September are arriving now, and they are ugly.

The 5 Best Coronavirus Stocks To Buy Right Now

Bob Sullivan is a Peabody-award winning journalist and the author of five books, including New York Times Best-Sellers, Gotcha Capitalism and Stop Getting Ripped Off! He spent nearly two decades working at MSNBC.com and NBC News, and he still appears on TODAY, NBC Nightly News, and CNBC. He now writes The Red Tape Chronicles column at RedTape.Substack.com and hosts a podcast about the unintended consequences of technology. “People are often waiting on something…’I’ll invest when the dust settles…I’ll invest when the vaccine gets here.’ Well, for people waiting, that boat has already sailed,” he says. With all the noise of market volatility, It can be tempting to try to wait out for a “best” time when the market has steadied and is on a consistent upward trajectory. Though it might not seem like it, that inertia can be a mistake in and of itself.

The payment processor earns money from every in-person swipe of a credit or debit card. As businesses open up and consumers begin to physically visit stores again, Square should benefit from the increase in face-to-face transactions. Although the stock currently trades about 16% below its 52-week high, as a darling of Wall Street, it trades at a lofty P/E multiple of 332x earnings.

Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:LLY)

The company has strategically created an interconnected ecosystem for its products that discourages users from straying to the competition. Its dominance in the market has seen its revenue soar 52% over the last five years, with operating income up 87%. Analysts’ consensus price target of $241.72 implies a modest 8% gains over the next year. But they clearly see Microsoft in an overwhelmingly positive light – 33 of 35 pros covering the stock consider it a Buy. «Microsoft is one of the few companies showing continued momentum in the face of COVID-19 disruptions,» writes Argus Research’s Joseph Bonner (Buy). «CEO Satya Nadella has pivoted Microsoft toward high-value commercial and cloud application businesses, just the right product set as enterprises rapidly move to the cloud and remote connectivity.»

Costco (COST 0.54%) is easily one of the best growth stocks in retail. The company’s unique business model of offering wholesale products at market-low prices for an annual subscription fee has won over shoppers worldwide. Its success delivered revenue growth of 59% since 2019, with operating income rising 71%. Typically, we see some mixture of trend trading short-term available assets immediately, such as cash or cash equivalents, along with more traditional investments in stocks and bonds. Its Azure cloud platform has been the belle of the ball, growing 48% year-over-year in the latest quarter. The continuation of its strong performance in 2020 has led shares to a 41%-plus year-to-date gain.

As a group, internationally oriented stock funds fared even worse. If you don’t have a solid plan yet, a downturn is a great time to start. Most basically, stock and what is forex swing trading strategy bond prices will be lower than they were just a short time earlier. Everything points to the increased use of lightweight composites in Hexcel’s key end markets.

The stock currently trades about 30% below its 52-week high of $219.94. AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine still isn’t available in the U.S., though. The company secured regulatory approval for its vaccine in Europe, but the relationship between AstraZeneca and the European Union has been a rocky one. AstraZeneca and the EU were embroiled in litigation over allegations that the drugmaker failed to fulfill its supply commitments before reaching a settlement in September 2021. Also learn about any issues the vaccine makers have experienced.


Before investing in a COVID-19 vaccine stock, find out about the status of the company’s vaccine. Many companies already have vaccines on the market, while others may or may not win regulatory approvals. Throughout the year, Oracle had positioned itself as an ascendant hotforex broker review AI player, along with the other three major cloud infrastructure stocks. Since last year and through early 2023, the company highlighted its close partnership with Nvidia, being one of the first clouds to offer Nvidia’s DGX platform and other cloud-based services.

The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Gilead Sciences. Abbott Labs (ABT 0.75%) quickly rolled out several COVID-19 diagnostic tests after the coronavirus hit with full force earlier this year. Its ID NOW test, which received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in late March, attracted significant attention because it offered the fastest results of any COVID-19 test available. Two other big Wall Street banks reported their results, which both showed Wall Street earning hefty profits as consumer kept spending and putting more and more expenses on their credit cards.