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The Best Vitamins for a Person With Alcohol Use Disorder

Take our short alcohol quiz to learn where you fall on the drinking spectrum and if you might benefit from quitting or cutting back on alcohol. People may need professional help to get them through withdrawal, help manage their symptoms, and provide the best chance of successful rehabilitation. Overall, according https://ecosoberhouse.com/ to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the goal of detoxification is to help make withdrawal safer, more humane and prepare the individual for ongoing treatment. People with vitamin C deficiency or scurvy may also have issues with wound healing, swollen and bleeding gums, tooth loss, and jaundice.

what vitamins should alcoholics take

It is important to remember that even if you only have one drink, it should be done rarely and not on a daily basis. The longer you consume alcohol on a regular basis, the more likely you are to develop serious health complications. What if the Wernicke encephalopathy diagnosis is wrong but providers initiate treatment? If a person gets too much thiamine, the body simply gets rid of it through the call of nature.

New dads who take paternity leave less likely to suffer alcohol abuse: study

Several studies have shown that blood vitamin levels are low in alcoholic patients. In effect, alcohol use abuse is considered a chronic disease that promotes the pathogenesis of many fatal diseases, such as cancer and liver cirrhosis. The alcohol effects in the liver can be prevented by antioxidant mechanisms, which induces enzymatic as well as other vitamins for recovering alcoholics nonenzymatic pathways. However, these studies have been accompanied by uncertainty as mixed results were reported. Thus, the aim of the present review article was to examine the current knowledge on vitamin deficiency and its role in chronic liver disease. Numerous studies have described that vitamin supplementation could reduce hepatotoxicity.

Veggies, fruits, fruit juices, nuts, beans, and peas naturally have folate. Alcohol-induced liver damage, extracellular matrix changes, and inflammation have all been linked to acetaldehyde [26,27]. Its actions are triggered by the formation of ROS and a redox imbalance (NAD/NADH). A range of genetic, behavioral, and environmental variables contribute to alcoholism [2].

What Are the Effects of Alcohol on Vitamins and Minerals?

Most importantly, the treatment saves brain function and can help to stave off the even more serious Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, which permanently damages the brain. Excessive alcohol intake results in inflammatory lesions on the stomach and small intestine walls, reducing the ability of mucosal cells to absorb nutrients, including vitamin B, from food[5][6]. Even in small amounts, drinking alcohol raises stomach acidity levels and reduces the ability to absorb nutrients through the stomach mucosa and small intestine[4]. Another problem is that some are consuming calories from alcohol in place of food and consume as much as half their daily calories in the form of alcohol. Even when they do eat enough, alcohol negatively affects blood glucose and inhibits the brain and body tissue from getting the nutrients they need to function.

NAC is also used in the ER for people who overdose on medications like Tylenol and aspirin. You want to keep the amount of glutamine in your body at a higher level when you are drinking to make sure that you are not going to have too many ill side effects from it. Alcohol causes inflammation in your body which can lead to memory problems, blackouts, and trouble concentrating.